New Customer

Mountain Country Propane offers a wide variety of tanks to meet your new tank installation needs. Our tank sizes range from 120 gallon tanks up to 1000 gallon tanks. We also offer the popular underground tank. Gives us a call today to determine which tank is right for your situation.
Our staff here at Mountain Country will inspect, install and leak test your propane system to insure that your satisfaction is met. Leave it to us to make certain that your family is safe and your propane tank set is perfect and pleasing to the eye. We take pride in what we do and want you to be safe and happy for years to come.
Switch to Us
Make an upgrade to your propane supplier today. Mountain Country Propane makes it easy to switch to us. When you decide to buy or lease a tank from us, we swap out your old tank for the new one and transfer the fuel for free. The first step to enjoy Mountain Country’s great service and pricing programs is to fill out the online Credit Application.